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When I first met Briana on Twitter, I knew we would instantly be BAFFYS (best author friends forever-y). And we have gotten pretty close as Writer and also as friends.

Which is why I knew I wanted her to be my first Guest Blog post! Here is Briana's post!


(Briana's Post)

When Madeline reached out to me about guest posting on her blog, I was beyond thrilled. I’ve featured her on my own blog before, and I’m flattered she decided to return the favor. Thank you, Madeline, for letting me talk about my book!

For those of you who don’t keep up with my madness (can’t say I blame you), the book in question is my debut novel Blood and Water. It’s a post-apocalyptic young adult novel that reads like The Walking Dead and Fallout – minus the zombies. I wanted to examine how widespread trauma and disaster affects interpersonal relationships. How, for example, would losing both parents affect the relationship between two siblings? In the distant future, how much can a pandemic change the structure of humanity?

Here’s a short passage from the book that could also be a blurb:

Jay had spent the past few weeks looking for a cure. It was like Maia said—there was no help in London. He wondered if they would’ve been safer if they’d stayed in Chicago. Location didn’t matter now, but before the virus started—no, he couldn’t spend time dwelling on the “what if”s. It was Maia’s decision to move to London and his to follow after her. The virus was everywhere, and it had spread fast. Perhaps they never would have been able to avoid it.

My protagonist, Jay Harris, is a POC character. I went into this novel wanting to focus on diversity. As a result, Blood and Water is populated with two black Americans, a white Irish girl, and two biracial characters (Irish-Chinese and French-African). The lead scientist is a woman. There is a good amount of interracial romance. Young adult is severely lacking in the diversity department, and while I don’t think my book is the answer, I certainly hope it helps.

If this novel sounds like something you’d be interested in reading, keep an eye out for the first draft posted on  my website  soon. I’d love to hear your thoughts! If you want to be the first to know about exciting developments in my writing life, you can subscribe to  my blog , follow me on  Twitter , and become a fan of my work on  Wattpad   , where I’m posting all of my writing for free.

Thanks again for hosting me, Madeline! This has been fantastic!

Twitter: @BrianaWrites

Wattpad: Brianammorgan


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