Monday, September 14, 2015


This is gonna be a short post... I'm kidding! I'm kidding!!! (Kinda).

Some fellow Writers on Twitter and in some of my Facebook Writing groups have been asking me about my sales as a self-published author and, instead of telling everyone individually, I decided to write a quick blog post on the subject.

Before we get into that I would like to apologize for being absent from this blog for the past few months. As some of you know, this website is how my biological father came in contact with me. Now, this wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if 1) he hadn't left me ON CHRISTMAS when I was six years old and never came back and 2) he didn't try and manipulate me into thinking I had another sister when really it was the neighbor kid, just going along with the lie. I debated on deleting this blog all together, for fear he would continue to contact me, but I realized that would be a foolish thing to do. This is my blog. This is about ME and I'm not gonna let some douchebag take that from me. Now that I've realized this (and blocked him, his wife, and my "sister" on every part of social media that I would) I want to pick this blog back up...

Starting with this post: My Sales so Far As A Published Author.

As of today I have made exactly $40.40 since the publication of Abhorrence and Affection last month.

At first, I found myself totally annoyed at this (Um. I wrote a book. I should be a zillionaire by now)... but then I realized this is actually really good for a first time author. Like, really good apparently... Which is good. I think.

And how did I sell so many books in only a month and a half's time? I don't really know. I suck at marketing! I tweet a link at least once a day, but I feel like I'm annoying everyone... so I just... don't. It's one of my biggest concerns, actually. Like, I don't want to be one of those annoying people who only tweet links and beg for your money- that such a turn off and so dang annoying.

And I mean, I've gotten some descent reviews (five so far and only one of them negative- and the negative one was posted before I had the novel edited, so I personally don't count that)... so they must have something to do with the sales. Here's one for an example;

Lovely story. Vibrant and alive characters I can easily relate to. I love the regency feel with the speed and liveliness of complimentary language. Clearly written with youthful engery.

It was four stars. That's good, right? So I can assume that these have something to do with the raising sales.

Other than that... I honestly have no idea why or how I'm selling... And I'd like to change that. I'd like to start marketing, but I have no freaking idea how to do that.

How do you get sales? 'Cause I could seriously use some advice on marketing without becoming an annoying spammer.

Leave your advice/thoughts on the subject in the comments! I would greatly appreciate it!

More later,


P.S. If anyone is interested in taking a look at Abhorrence and Affection themselves... You can so here:


  1. The concept sounds Austenian. Your honesty about sales is re-freshing. What have you done to promote the book thus far?

    1. I have tweeted links at least once a day... Other than that... I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to marketing and promoting. I don't want to be too "in your face" when it comes to that sort of thing. Do you have any ideas for marketing/promoting a novel? I'd love to hear them. -MC