Monday, September 21, 2015


Okay. I'm going to come right out and say it; I think auto tweeting is stupid. There you have it. That's my opinion. That's the end of the blog post. (Just kidding, of course! ... About it being the end of the blog post... not that I think auto tweeting is stupid).

The reason for this blog post is because I've noticed a lot of people are starting to use auto-tweets and almost my entire time line is filled with nothing but links and headlines screaming at me.

And you know what? I honestly hate it. It feels so... impersonal, so fake... almost like you (okay, not really you, but the person using the auto tweets) don't want to take the time to 1) talk with and get to know your readers and 2) actually spend some time on your published work.

You worked so hard on this novel/short story/novella/whatever... and you don't want to take the time to market it yourself?

I can honestly tell you, from an outsiders prospective, that these auto-tweets aren't affective (while, I guess I wouldn't actually know since I don't use them)... but as a reader, these tweets do not make me want to read your book. I, as a reader, want to get to know you. I wanna hear about what you went through to write this book, I want to hear updates, and the struggles you've face... and then, when it comes time to published, I want to hear how proud and excited you are that your project is available for others to read.

This is what makes someone click on the link you (personally) tweet. This is what makes somebody want to buy your book and read it.

Not monotone, robotic auto-tweets.

Honestly, and feel free to correct me in the comments if you use auto-tweets yourself, the only pro I can think of with using auto-tweets is... maybe you get retweeted and favored more often?

Maybe Briana will have more Pros, as I can't think of any at the moment....



As a busy woman, I can understand some of the merits of auto tweeting. For one thing, it allows you to “set it and forget it”—once you queue up some posts, you can schedule them to go out without thinking about it. This automation frees up time for other important things, such as writing.


While I can sympathize with busy people who feel the need to auto tweet, it’s not something that I personally recommend. For one thing, it’s impersonal. When you auto tweet, it looks like you can’t be bothered to interact with other people; like your time is so much more valuable than theirs. Also, I’m not convinced that it actually helps sell books. If I see too many auto tweets or get an auto DM from an author, I’m not likely to buy their book. Sometimes, I’ll even unfollow them. (See my post on socializing versus selling on Twitter.)


If you want to sell books, engage and interact like an actual human being. If you want to succeed on social media, you need to focus on socializing. As you build and strengthen relationships with people, they will naturally become more interested in your work and may become convinced to buy it on their own—all without being nagged or manipulated into it.


The bottom line is this: although auto tweeting is simple, convenient, and may save you a little bit of time, it isn’t worth it in the long-run. With auto-tweeting, you’re more likely to scare people off than draw them in. Stick to staying human.


I agree completely, Briana! It really does seem like you can't take the time to be bothered with your readers. Tweets are easy to send. Quicker than a text message.... Keep it simple, sweet, and human!

What are your opinions on auto-tweeting? Leave a comment and let us know! -MC

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  1. I agree completely with both of your points. The problem with auto-tweets in my opinion is that the service really doesn't fit any demographic. A famous person is already famous, and a non-famous person will probably end up alienating potentially interested people. While becoming famous for the sake of it is a questionable goal, auto-tweets are hardly the way to do it. All for that real social interaction!
    Thank you for a post worth reading!